Alfa Romeo 33 Reviews


And “falls apart on the go.” more The main thing! Look for a car only in good condition, better in excellent, with as much known backstory as possible, because the prospect of a long-term repair will spoil your relationship with the brand.And she does not deserve it!Believe me! Nonsense. Holds the road charmingly, cornering at speed and rebuilding (on native ammo) performs with the clarity of Formula 1 cars (the price of the issue is a stiff suspension). very annoying for some reason. the only car that does not bother to twist to the red zone. if you understand the Italian design of that time (and have a car with a wing, under which it is clearly drawn), then you can admire it for hours. of course, the age is already such that a facelift will not hurt her. 1.3-liter engine (S-modification) gives 86 forces (ideally)), this is more than enough for an outstanding agility of the car in the city. general machine for the city. a couple of hours of assertive howls of the engine on the highway – and you will think so too (not to mention the consequences of a breakdown on the road). in general, I would like to write something about it in verse, but the first one was to fill in the item “what problems did you encounter during operation”, it somehow tuned in a rational way)). the thirty-third alpha is a very original, unlike other car, with a soul, with character, constantly testing its owner for strength with its whims, but in response, it offers to behave with it just as boldly. it cannot be taken as a means of transportation, because in this case you are not on the way. The Trentatre proved to be a convenient and reliable family assistant, as well as a wonderful skill trainer. more I still have one. Result for 2 years: The car is unusual: it almost always attracts attention, the inscription “33” on the trunk alerts drivers and pedestrians behind: they think: “3.3”! Nicely! I traveled “everywhere and everywhere” – I never got stuck anywhere, it starts up – it’s always easy and fast the first time, it never breaks unexpectedly, if something breaks down, then slowly, as if warning in advance of the need for replacement. Although the character sometimes showed up – she was capricious at times, not wanting to start up if they were going to drive her in vain 🙂 This did not mean that the “Girl with Character” was insidious – with all the whims she never let down on the road. I won’t write about breakdowns so as not to piss off, apparently she feels my love for her and therefore pays me in the same coin, I replaced only consumables after purchase .. If you want a charismatic, dynamic, stylish, and real “driver car” – this is exactly what you need. In it you will not feel like a “gray mouse” even for little money. Check bad credit cash loans.

Alfa Romeo 33 Reviews

I’m delighted. And now that day has come! I urgently needed a car for work, and the car had to be “perfect”, and the ideal, like
known does not exist (I naively believed it!). My Alpha is a car (with a capital letter) of a red corporate color with a “5-door hatchback” body and a 1.5 injector engine (“boxer”, of course) with a capacity of 101 hp in a non-poor configuration, with air conditioning, h/u, electric .glasses, velor interior, athermal electric windows and l / disks. A real delicacy both in terms of road behavior and from an engineering point of view. 15.07.2008 ALPHA -33 OR A FERRARI FOR THE POOR. Look long attracted “She”. but. there were “well-wishers”, “qualified specialists” who constantly frightened me with “terribly expensive” repairs, unreliability, “weak stove” and other nasty things. It all started very trite, I read a few reviews about it, looked at those. characteristics, I was surprised by some indicators, I went to, I saw enough videos and realized that I needed it. indirectly, from photos, videos), after much thought, I took the imola, it was just brand new, red, the engine was after the capital, the Recaro salon, a couple of places of slight corrosion, but not critical, for a 1994 car, this is a very good condition of the body .Now, having rolled almost 10 thousand, I understand that this car is a continuation of myself, I never thought that I would love a car so much. ALFA -33 OR FERRARI FOR THE POOR. Now, I enjoy every minute spent with her) ..P.S. Just choose very carefully, because a good device is VERY difficult
find, and the majority of hackneyed cars. I was looking for about six months until I bought it from my neighbor, who drove it to me for 4 years and hit 4 thousand km. Turns out the spark plug didn’t work. And “it falls apart on the go”, and “the stove is weak”, and “non-repairable” and “parts are expensive”. 12/21/2007 I’m delighted. A wonderful car, excellent driving performance both on the highway and on country roads (especially when cornering and serpentines at good speed). This is a COMPLETELY NORMAL, good, high-quality car with a memorable original appearance and an extraordinary image. Advice for future buyers: Do not listen to anyone, do not read any nonsense
worth “Alfa. Regarding all of the above, I can safely say based on my own (two years and, in my opinion, sufficient) experience in operating Alpha-33. At minus 27, I drove along the highway at a speed of “120” lightly dressed (this is in a car with a “weak stove”!). Changed – let’s go! And how. “Ferrari for the poor” after all! Since then, I have never been disappointed in it, not counting the little things (and I was scared by the “specialists” who Alf had not seen closely!). It had to be economical, reliable, roomy, as stylish as possible and fast. by itself inexpensive to repair. When she stood in front of my (and her, neighbor’s) house, washed and sparkling with deep stylish Rosso Alfa red and swift slightly aggressive lines – I “fell in love” and waited for her, like a desired woman, to become mine. Fuel consumption 7-8 liters. for a hundred of the 95th (the other did not lil). I can easily drown 170-180 along the Moscow Ring Road, I didn’t drive anymore, but I think it will go, the engine can easily spin up to the red zone of 6300 rpm / min, the sound of a “boxer” and a constant podhat, they constantly provoke aggressive driving, excellent handling, driving turns into a “checkers game”, the front seats “keep” well in corners, although the rear passengers have a hard time, but I guess it’s oh because of the driving style)). First question: is there any other car of this year, in such a configuration in good condition and mileage up to 200 thousand km (real) and even with good dynamics (less than 10 seconds to hundreds) and with an extraordinary design (the car still does not look an old woman; ignorant people think that I bought it new) for 4000 USD. Not! And don’t look. The body is roomy, although the car is small. I understand that the car will soon become antiques, but this does not diminish the delight of driving. The suspension is simply indestructible, although it is quite difficult to get spare parts, because. the car has been out of production for a long time. I have always had, have or will have such a car. Immediately there was a disappointment in the dynamics of overclocking. I’ll start my story with a sore point: SO MUCH OF ALL TERRIBLE AND STUPIDITY (!) They write about Alpha on the Internet. Moreover, almost all parts were replaced for the first time: everywhere there were signs of still factory installation (not bad for a 15-year-old car that is falling apart on the go!). Trentatre turned out to be a convenient and reliable family assistant, as well as a wonderful driving simulator for novice pilots 🙂 Almost all family members took turns training on it. 79 “horses” were by no means few – enough, just enough for a sense of confidence in the stream. A real delicacy both in terms of behavior on the road and from an engineering point of view. In city traffic, it simply has no equal. the location of the steering wheel is depressing – it is too close to the windshield, which, with a low seat cushion, provokes pain in the spine. The common myth about the impracticality of Alpha has been completely debunked. I’ll start my story with a sore point: SO MUCH MUCH TERRIBLE AND STUPID (!) They write about Alfa on the I-net. I always had, have or will have one. more There is one now. Still, not finding anything sensible for the available 4 thousand dollars, he bought Alfa. 21.03.2008 The common myth about the impracticality of Alpha has been completely debunked. You don’t have to answer. By the way, that’s why no one really “burned” it – you could just relax, rest and enjoy the ride, knowing that you can always rely on the car. 10/24/2008 A wonderful car, excellent driving performance both on the highway and on country roads (especially when cornering and serpentines at a good speed. more Good luck on the roads 09.11.2008 It all started very banally, I read a few reviews about her, looked at those. characteristics, was surprised at some indicators, went to, had seen enough of the river. more

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